Maybe not public, but “in the family” Android 11 has the name of a dessert, as per tradition. The latest edition of the green robot operating system would be called “Red Velvet Cake”, that beautiful and delicious cake, whose color is unmistakable.

Android 11 is “Red Velvet Cake”

Not a simple leak, but a revelation. The news would have been made known by Dave Burke – Google VP of Engineering for Android – within the last episode (which you can watch in the below video) of “All About Android”.

The internal name of Android 11 is “Red Velvet Cake” and – in support of what has been declared – there would be a code name of the operating system, which would be “Android R”.

When Android stopped being a dessert

For many, it was experienced as a small trauma when, last year, on the occasion of the imminent arrival of Android 10, the company officially announced the end of the era of desserts as a name for the different editions of the OS.

The Google team explained that this way to indicate the name of the various editions of Android was certainly fun and unique, but it was creating many comprehension problems all over the world: for some languages it was difficult, if not impossible, be able to write and understand the names of the versions of the operating system.

For this reason, and perhaps also to give a more “professional” appeal to the OS, Android 10 would have been called simply “Android 10” and so the subsequent versions. Someone, however, within Google, must have succumbed to the charm of desserts. In fact, it’s hard to say no to Red Velvet Cake.


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