Amazon has already started to improve Alexa’s presence on iOS and Android devices thanks to the hands-free mode, but the e-commerce giant is determined to do even better: Alexa will soon be able to launch apps on the two biggest mobile platforms and interact more fully with them.

    A new application, Alexa For Apps, has just been launched by Amazon for developers who want to make their applications compatible with the new feature presented by Amazon.

    Alexa could soon not only launch apps on iOS and Android but also perform actions such as searching on Twitter, starting recording a video on TikTok, or helping us book an Uber.

    Alexa For Apps can be implemented by all the applications that can be opened via deep links such as TikTok, Uber, Zynga, and Twitter. No compatibility, therefore, with the official Apple or Google apps and this would already put Alexa at a disadvantage compared to Siri or Google Assistant, but being able to perform even a series of limited actions would already be a huge step forward compared to the current situation.


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