A few months ago, Among Us was quite a surprise and became an incredible mass phenomenon that millions of players around the world enjoyed. Now, after having announced that it will get free updates instead of a sequel, Innersloth has shown the world for the first time the next map that will come to the video game.

    At The Game Awards gala, the next map that Among Us will feature has been presented to the world. As presented, it will maintain the aesthetics of the rest of the maps present in the work. Under the title of The Airship, this map will have some new mechanics and certain shortcuts that will allow greater mobility and will give more way to enjoy the game to both imposters and crew members.

    At the task level, this map will have both common tasks with the rest of the video game and some completely new tasks. Some of them have been shown in the trailer. Below you can see the video in which the new map of Among Us has been presented.

    Regarding the launch of the new map, it has been confirmed that it will be available in the next update of Among Us that will arrive at the beginning of 2021. Despite this, a more specific date or window has not been specified for its launch. We will be attentive to bring any news that arises in this regard.


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