The new Twitch sensation is a PC and mobile game called Among Us that has broken into the main platforms with a well-known premise: discover the killer. As in the best crime novels, murders will occur during the game and one or more players have the role of impostor. The game consists of finding out who is the murder before he kills you, all the action taking place in a spaceship. While some of the players fix the ship, others are dedicated to accusing, blackmail, sabotage, or in the worst case, murder others. Here are some Among Us tips and tricks to be the best imposter.

    Among Us tips and tricks

    Sometimes it is more difficult to fool all the players than, to be honest. Therefore, if you have been the impostor, you need to think like it. A normal player will do tasks on the ship to be able to escape from there as soon as possible. Therefore, they will be suspicious of players who do nothing or try to isolate themselves from the group. It must be said that in the event that everyone agrees on a possible imposter, he will be expelled from the group and therefore from the game. If you want to be the best Among Us imposter, follow these tips:

    Do not blame yourself

    It is as suspicious to go unnoticed as to lead the group. Don’t try to stand out. You have to find the perfect balance between these two facets or you will be accused by your peers. You have to act as if you were not an impostor, completing tasks and accompanying the group as much as possible in the first stages of the game. When it is time to argue, do not accuse nonsense because other players may have a real alibi and you would put several users against you.

    Choose your victims well

    It would also be quite suspicious to kill whoever has accused you, right? A good imposter must choose his victims well and be observant. You will quickly realize who has played more times or who are beginning players. In the beginning, it is more effective to kill older users who can be a serious problem. When there are fewer players left, they will be the least skilled, easy prey for anyone.

    Killer and witness to a murder

    One of the most effective ways to fool other players is to become a witness to a murder. The key is to murder a partner without being seen by others in the same room. No one has seen you, but you are as surprised as they. But check that your action has not been recorded by surveillance cameras. If your avatar blinks red, someone is watching the cameras in the security room.


    You have to find a way to sabotage the ship so that the players do not escape. Obviously, the imposter needs to have opportunities to kill the other players and that is why the small details can give you time to avoid being caught. For example, when you murder a player, make sure the door is closed. All players will do tasks on the ship, so the chances of someone being left alone are higher.

    Do not use the ventilation system

    Remember that imposters have a unique ability to use the ventilation system. In the middle of the game, you can forget this little detail, but if someone sees you manipulate this system, you will automatically be suspicious. Be careful not to use it frequently, especially to reach the busiest rooms without being seen.


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