With one of the most media demands in the industry amid the calm before the storm, Fortnite is not far away from saying goodbye to Apple.

Epic Games most played game it’s in the center of the dispute between the two billionaire companies, who fight for a percentage of the micropayments.

Epic’s complaint against Apple transcended social networks and reached the courts, where the violation of the terms and conditions already predicts strong consequences for the future of the game company.

But today they have officially announced that the exit of Fortnite from the App Store will have immediate consequences for users. Obviously, the cancellation of Apple accounts to access the battle royale is first on the list.

To avoid losing your progress, Epic offers a grace period for iOS users to retrieve their game information and access to Fortnite, as well as the ability to enter through the Epic Games Store.

Being one of the games that have a cross-game platform, the rescue of the information is quite important for any player who has invested their time and effort in playing Fortnite.

But you will have to hurry up to make this change, because, with the departure of Epic Games from Apple’s servers as of September 11, all this information could be lost.

For these users, the solution will be made through emails, with more steps to be able to resolve the issue and allow people who are late to save their information.

It is a fight that will continue with stipulations, while both parts are preparing to go to court or negotiate a solution that, at the end of the day, will not be very expensive.


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