Black Clover Chapter 288: Release Date and Spoilers. In chapter 287 we saw how Asta arrived to assist Nacht. Then The Magic Knight Fight the Black Triad. In Chapter 287 we don’t get any info about Nacht’s past, but he with Asta encounter the demons.

    Black Clover Chapter 288 – Release date and where to read

    Black Clover Chapter 288 will be released on Sunday, April 4, 2021 at 12:00 PM. You can check on the official mangaplus/shueisha platform in English. Translations into other languages will appear on the same day with a delay of a few hours day or night and at if not, at the latest, in the next morning.

    Black Clover Chapter 288 – Spoilers

    There are currently no spoilers about the new chapter. Usually, they come out from Wednesday to Thursday, and RAW in Korean on Friday morning. In fact, on the same day, fans start translating the new chapter from Korean into English. We advise you to check from time to time the official platform, where you can also support the work.

    Black Clover Synopsis

    Asta is a young man who wants one day to become the best wizard in the whole kingdom. The problem he faces is that he does not have the ability to use magic as everyone else does. However, luck is on his side because he receives the incredibly rare five-leaf clover grimoire that allows him to have a special power, namely anti-magic. Can this become the Wizard King? One thing is for sure, Asta will never give up!


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