“Boku no Hero Academia” (“My Hero Academia”) is leaving clues for its fans about a third movie of the franchise.

    It all started last Sunday when 3 of the official Twitter accounts associated with the projects of the adaptation of Kohei Horikoshi began to publish a message divided into three parts.

    Heroaca_anime, Heroaca_movie, and Myheroacademia participated in this promotion by revealing the phrase “He Will Meet The Three Musketeers”.

    As if this were not enough, each tweet directs us to the official pages of “Boku no Hero Academia” which features a promotional image of Deku, Kachan, and Shoto in new hero costumes.

    "Boku no Hero Academia" ("My Hero Academia") is leaving clues for its fans about a third movie of the franchise.
    Promotional image of “Boku no Hero Academia”.

    With this in mind, the next big announcement for Weekly Shonen Jump will most likely be a sequel to the third “Boku no Hero Academia” movie.

    Without further information so far, we can only wait for future announcements of the franchise to know the fate of the best team in Class 1-A.

    Could we have a third “Boku no Hero Academia” movie?

    In the past, one of the most frequent rumors during the release of “Boku no Hero Academia the Movie 2: Heroes: Rising” was that this would not be anywhere near Bones’ last project.

    With the popularity of the show and the success of the film in and outside of Japan, the studio appears to be heading for what will be an extensive catalog of movies.

    The only problem is that Horikoshi had already announced that the second movie would culminate the main story, becoming one of the endings he had in mind for the heroes in the manga.

    Without Kohei’s contribution, Bones will hardly be able to keep up, as the author expressed that the reason behind not continuing was the pressure they come with overseeing every aspect of the project.

    From creating the story to original characters, Horikoshi hardly leaves room for others to take over, but if this new movie arrives it will be a blockbuster.

    Do you think we could have a third “Boku no Hero Academia” movie?


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