We are in one of the most sinister sagas in all of Boruto. A new enemy has appeared, putting the world in danger. Naruto, Sasuke, and Boruto try to face him, but it is clear that his skills are not enough. After releasing his full form, Isshiki Otsutsuki leaves Naruto quite injured and Sasuke almost unconscious. In addition, he broke the arm of Boruto, the protagonist of the new generation.

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However, Naruto has a card up his sleeve to defeat Isshiki. It is a definite transformation. Kurama says that if he uses the technique, his death will be inevitable. On the other hand, if he does not do this, he will have many more losses and the consequences will become worse. In short, the new ability is that it merges with Kurama itself, releasing an amount of power so massive that it will kill Naruto.

But calm down! There’s still a way to save Uzumaki. It’s a theory, but the chances of it coming true are big. Check it out below:

Sasuke will die to save Naruto:

Doujutsus are eye techniques that dramatically increase the user’s power. In the Fourth World War Shinobi, after Sasuke received part of the chakra from Hagoromo, Sage of the Six Paths, he ended up awakening the Eye of Samsara, or simply Rinnegan.

Okay, but how can he save Naruto? Well, as we said above, Sasuke owns Rinnegan. It is said that the one who has the Rinnegan becomes able to use a family of skills known as Six Paths. Among this group of skills, we can mention two main ones: the Deva Path (gravitational control) and the Black Path (ninjutsu absorption).

However, we will thoroughly explore the Outer Path – Heavenly Life Technique. After destroying Konoha and killing countless civilians, Nagato is persuaded by Naruto to fix his mistakes. For this, as his last act, he uses the technique of Heavenly Life, thus reviving all those who were killed.

For this reason, it is quite likely that Sasuke can also use Rinne-Tensei to revive Naruto. He has already demonstrated mastery in the execution of some Six Paths techniques, so that would be something new but that he certainly can do. As a consequence, his death is certain, since the technique exchanges the living soul for the dead. In addition, she needs an absurd chakra, but for Sasuke, it is not such a problem.

Note: It is worth mentioning that Obito did not die when using the Rinne Renaissance because he was in symbiosis with the Black Zetsu. If it were not for this, Obito would not be able to live to help Naruto and the others in the fight against Kaguya.


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