The protection of the vast majority of smartphones, including the top of the range, is guaranteed by the glasses made by Corning, a company that always manages to meet the needs of companies operating in this sector and consequently also of users. The latest product from Corning is Victus, an improvement of the sixth generation of “Gorilla Glass”, or the glass currently used on outgoing phones.

As promptly specified, it is not exactly the seventh generation, but more markedly an improvement of the sixth. How? Obviously allowing the smartphones to be even more protected from any falls from a certain height and from scratches. It is an aspect which arouses interest from users, given that Corning does not significantly improve the scratch resistance of its glass practically from the third generation.

This time can be said that Victus seems to be able to guarantee scratch resistance doubled compared to Gorilla Glass 6. Furthermore, according to what’s reported by Corning, the new glass allows resistance even for drops from about 1.80 meters. However, we need to be aware that these are parameters provided by the company, and that in “real life” a series of variables can be triggered (irregular surfaces, sand, etc.). The first phones to be equipped with the Gorilla Glass Victus are expected to be the Galaxy Note 20, which Samsung will present on August 5.


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