Official: devices with EMUI 11 will be able to upgrade to Harmony OS. Yesterday, the Chinese technology giant Huawei unveiled the second iteration of its proprietary operating system; the company reiterated that it aims to launch smartphones with the new platform by the end of next year.

Harmony OS: will the update be optional or mandatory?

Now, a representative of Huawei seems to have confirmed to the Android Authority that users will not necessarily have to buy a new smartphone to try Harmony OS, since the software will also be installable on “old” mobile devices. In an email exchange, a company spokesperson said:

Yes, devices running the new EMUI 11 based on distributed technology will be eligible to upgrade to Harmony OS in the future.

To date, it is not clear whether the Harmony OS software update will be available for all phones that will run EMUI 11 or if it will be contextual only to some devices that will enjoy the new Huawei skin. Secondly, it is not yet known whether it will be a mandatory change or an optional upgrade.

Anyway, this represents a very interesting proposal and could be an intriguing alternative platform for all those products like the Mate 30 or the P40 that have Android AOSP without support for Google services.

Before jumping for joy, however, let’s all calm down; We haven’t seen the full potential of Harmony OS 2.0 on a smartphone yet, so we’re not entirely sure what to expect. So far, the company has promoted integration between the Chinese brand’s devices, fast data transfer, smarter voice recognition, and greater security. Beyond that, we are groping in the dark.

Of course, we must also observe how users will respond to the software change, should Huawei decide to make the update mandatory for all those who have a recent smartphone/tablet from the company. How will it end? ?


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