Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is an ‘evolution’, the result of a series of tests and the passage of this title through Japanese arcade rooms.

Its story mode is very well carried and developed, although it has changed its approach, since it has set aside what has been seen in its psp version, to offer us CG scenes, which you can unlock as you progress or improve your level. Thus, in short, the only way to progress in the plot will be to develop online or offline combat against the game’s AI. In this way you can get ‘memories’, which will allow you to unlock new scenes and, in this way, appreciate their argument.

In the beginning, you’ll have a total of 28 characters of various fighting styles for 3 vs. 3 combats, which have been chosen from the first Final Fantasy to the XV, also having the presence of spin-offs like TACTICS or TYPE-0.

Graphically, it impresses. Add to this the effects of particles, in well-worked scenarios and without frame drops, along with invocations. Its soundtrack offers new arrangements, although you can also listen to original songs. In addition, you can create custom games of 1 vs. 1 and 2 vs. 2.

This installment enjoys deep combat, strategy and great variants. Graphically it looks, but what this title best raises is that teamwork and coordination is the most important thing.

Platform: PlayStation 4

Developer: Koei Tecmo

Gender: Fight

Distributor: Square Enix


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