Fortnite has been filled with superheroes, both DC and Marvel figures. Without stopping to celebrate events, the popular game from Epic Games is now going to add a new limited time mode that comes with a surprise. If you manage to take full advantage of it, you can get the Ghost Rider skin. So, in this article, we are going to explain how to get it for free.

    How to get the Ghost Rider skin for free

    To get this skin before it hits the store and has to be paid for, you have to participate in the new LTM (limited time mode) for the Ghost Rider Cup. On November 4, this event will begin all over the world. You need to compete in the KO Marvel mode (only superpowers can be used as weapons). The tournament is divided by regions, and you will have to be among the highest positions to get the skin. These are the positions where you have to stay according to your territory:

    • Europe: 1st to 800th.
    • Eastern US: 1st to 500th.
    • Western US: 1st to 200th.
    • Brazil: from 1st to 200th.
    • Asia: from 1st to 100th.
    • Oceania: from 1st to 100th.
    • Middle East: 1st to 100th.

    The points are distributed so that the first player in each game will get a total of 25 points and the sixteenth only 1. We will have to fight to be among those who accumulate the lowest losses using heroic powers and leaving aside any weapon, no matter how surprising it is. If you want the Ghost Rider skin for free, that’s the only way. So prepare yourself!


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