In the end, it happened, although earlier than expected. Microsoft has announced that Xbox One X (the most powerful and best-performing model in the Xbox family) and Xbox One S All-Digital (the model without an optical drive) are officially out of production. A choice that surprised players and retailers, but which appears a natural path in view of the imminent launch of Xbox Series X, the next generation console expected to be available this Christmas.

Rumors first

The first rumors began circulating a few days ago, after some big names in online distribution, such as Target and Amazon USA, started reporting some Xbox One models (including Xbox One X) as discontinued or limited availability products. A first timid response from the Redmond company came from Xbox Console Business Planning Lead, Dan Tavares, who denied the Xbox One production stop on Twitter, explaining that in reality there was only a misunderstanding. In fact, it seems that the company has simply changed the SKUs, i.e. the identification codes of the individual products, thus generating the absence of the online product for these retailers. In other words, the alarm seemed to have gone away, yet something changed in a few hours.

Then the official confirmation

A few hours after the denial of Tavares, Microsoft has released an official statement in which it confirms the effective closure of the production of two of the three Xbox One models currently on the market, Xbox One S All-Digital and Xbox One X. A significant twist for the company, especially after Microsoft has reassured its users, claiming that it would continue to support the current generation hardware for a long time, at least until the first two years of existence of the Xbox Series X. It is clear that the support refers more specifically to the games that will arrive on both Xbox platforms, but this decision made by the Redmond company remains unexpected.


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