Google Maps updates to make geolocation even more precise. Through this system, the Big G app can track the user’s location and provide as detailed information as possible to reach a specific destination. Yet, it is not the only element that is exploited by the service, because Maps must also leverage the compass, which is found in the predefined functions of a smartphone.

Just to make the most of it, in the latest update, Google has enhanced the compass thanks to augmented reality in Live View mode. Through the new function, in essence, the service is able to understand in which direction the device is oriented and consequently suggest the best way to reach a destination on foot. GPS alone, for example, finds it difficult to geolocate the user, especially if he is in large city, among a dense network of buildings.

Google Maps: calibrated compass

Google Maps now uses Live View, the mode that allows you to make itineraries through augmented reality. To activate it, once the app has started, you need to press the blue dot that indicates your position. At this point, a new screen will open from which you need to follow the guided instructions.

In practice, it is necessary to draw a number 8 by rotating the smartphone so that Google’s Artificial Intelligence perfects your geolocation. Once the compass is calibrated, if the radius that starts from the blue point is reduced, it means that the operation was done correctly and from this moment on, Maps will perform a more precise tracking. Warning: Google Live View can only be used with ARCore compatible Android devices and with the iPhone ARKit system, even if at the moment the possibility of calibrating the compass is not active on Apple devices.

How to enable Live Vew on Google Maps

To activate Google Maps Live View, you need to start the app and indicate a destination via the search bar or by touching the map. Once this is done, you need to select Directions >  on foot. The Live View icon appears at the bottom of the screen. Following the instructions, your phone is geolocated with precision and when Maps identifies the position, it shows you the surrounding environment to better orient you towards the destination.


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