Google wants to improve Messages and to do so has decided to introduce 5 new features that will try to make conversations even more personal and fun.

    The release started in the past few hours, and the new features can already be tried by updating the app to the latest version available on the Play Store.

    Quick reactions to messages: you can reply to received messages by sending a quick reaction. The operation is exactly the same as the one already present for some time on Facebook Messenger: to send a reaction, in fact, long press on the message and choose from the different animated expressions available (love, laugh, surprise, sadness, anger and thumbs down). Reactions are available in Messages conversations with chat features enabled.

    Stickers in the reply suggestions for Smart Reply: if you have chosen to activate the Smart Reply suggestions, the stickers will be displayed automatically while you are writing, thus eliminating the need to search for them. The suggested stickers are currently only available in English.

    Integrated multimedia editor: the new multimedia editor will allow you to create drawings or quickly customize your photos before sharing them in the conversation.

    Dedicated voice message button: voice messages are now easier to send thanks to a dedicated button on the bottom right of the user interface.

    Duo video calls integrated in messages: Google Duo is now integrated in Messages and allows you to quickly make video calls through a special button accessible at the top of the UI.


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