If there’s one thing Google Stadia missed when it was released, it’s the ability to stream directly to YouTube. According to The Verge and 9to5Mac, this is now possible.

    Google Stadia: streaming on YouTube is now possible in some countries

    According to the sources, Google Stadia now displays in some countries the button “Live streaming on YouTube”. Stadia asks for a title of the streaming video as well as to set the options for privacy, audience (compatible with children or not) as well as an option to display the number of viewers while you play. You may also activate optional features like Crowd Choice and Crowd Play from this user interface, although the latter feature is unlikely to be available everywhere yet. However, nothing indicates whether Google will offer an option to cut the audio stream in order to avoid possible copyright issues.

    As mentioned in the introduction, Google can also display the number of viewers at the top left of the screen, but there is no way to access the chat without using a second monitor. It’s also unclear whether it will ever be possible to stream in 4K, as Stadia originally promised. Obviously, a subscription of 9.99 € per month to Stadia Pro will be necessary for this, as is the case today to be able to play in 4K.

    Remember that Google Stadia is preparing to integrate the AV1 video codec. In theory, this will allow the service to optimize video compression, improve quality, and reduce data consumption. In addition, Family Sharing now allows you to share your games with your loved ones.


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