Through time, several popular Google apps have been updated with dark mode feature. However, until now the Google Translate app had not received a definitive version of the theme with black tones. In February of this year, the application came to appear with a dark appearance, but it looked like a test, a work in progress, and not something finished. Now, the dark mode has arrived with an optimized design and interface for some users (luckily, I received it).

The new presentation of dark mode in Google Translate is much more balanced compared to what was seen in February. It is no longer with the same shades of blue or unreadable fonts.

In the previous version of dark mode, the screen was less homogeneous. There was a light gray color present in the writing and translation boxes. Also, blue was present in several parts of the app that were almost unreadable.

The dark mode for Google Translate was officially launched for smartphones with iOS (iPhone) in February but is slowly coming to everyone on Android phones. If you still don’t have access to the latest version of the app, you can try to download an APK version and hope that the dark mode appears.

Advantages of dark mode

The biggest advantage of dark mode, in addition to presenting less aggressive colors to the eyes, is the battery and OLED which are not overloaded. This is due to the fact that OLED display technology is able to completely turn off the pixel when black images are displayed.


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