Rockstar Games has just announced that GTA Online and RDR Online are preparing for some very interesting updates. These will come in the coming weeks. In addition, the online population of Los Santos should prepare for what the company calls “the biggest update to date.” In this way, I think Rockstar will focus for some time on GTA Online, as the chances of seeing Grand Theft Auto VI soon decrease.

In a post on Newswire, Rockstar claims that GTA Online players can expect an update sometime this summer. After all, we are approaching August. The new update would bring “a funny mix of diverse content from the game universe.” I’m not sure what that means, but I’m curious if they’ll be able to fill the map, which feels empty. At the same time, RDR Online will receive a big update. It is set to be released tonight.

Grand Theft Auto VI is a faraway dream

I used to believe about the fact that 2023 will be the year that Rockstar will launch Grand Theft Auto VI. This is before the presentation event for PlayStation 5 and this news. But it seems that GTA Online is here and will be for a long time to come. Either Rockstar has a small team that deals with upgrades or the online version of GTA V still brings enough money to keep the company profitable. Anyway, I think the next game in the series will be delayed. Maybe 2023 is still a realistic year to launch a game of such magnitude.

Up to that point, next-gen consoles will mature enough. In addition, the hardware specifications of the next-gen models allow Rockstar to implement even a cross-platform system. Who knows? Maybe Grand Theft Auto VI is the game that will unite the camps, especially since it has become a bit of a fashion lately.


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