For some time now Facebook has been working on a new design regarding the pages. Among other changes, the company wants to remove the likes counter and to add a simpler, linear, understandable, and more manageable layout for administrators. At present, it seems that the giant social network has started testing the new layout of the Facebook page for a small percentage of users, with the high probability that it will be extended to a wider audience over the next few weeks.

    More linear and simple layout

    Until now, the layout was available for actors, authors, creators, companies engaged in the information market, musical groups, and much more. When deemed to be eligible to try the new layout, the mobile version of Facebook invites you to test the new design of the Facebook page through a special button.

    As you can see from the image above, the renewed layout of the Facebook page elevates the user profile to the center of the screen, removing some information deemed redundant and confusing, such as the number of likes on the page. The design now aims to highlight the name, the biography, the number of followers (and not of likes), and the button to follow the page.

    Facebook’s idea is to allow those who manage the page to have a more direct relationship with their followers, browse their news feed, and much more. The section relating to Facebook page settings also changes where, through the “Edit” button, administrators will be able to manage permissions regarding the creation of content on the page, send messages, reply or remove comments, and create or manage advertising campaigns.

    The new interface that Facebook is working on for now only concerns the application’s mobile part; also, the company has not offered any information regarding a wider rollout of the new design, but it is likely that it will also arrive in Europe in the coming months.


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