Can I always be the imposter in Among Us? What do I need to always be the imposter in Among Us for PC? What steps should I take to always be the imposter in the game Among Us for PC?

    In case you don’t know what Among Us is all about, this is a game that can be played with friends or strangers. Being a role-playing game it can only be played online, so if you do not have internet you can not enjoy it.

    Downloading and installing among us is extremely simple, you can download it for free on any device, both on mobile phones and on a PC computer with Windows operating system.

    Being the imposter in Among Us is one of the most fun roles in the game, so today we’ll tell you how to always be the imposter in Among Us.

    Can I always be the Imposter in Among Us?

    Playing Among Us is fun, especially if you use Discord. However the most fun thing about playing Among Us is being the imposter. So, many players often wonder: Can I always be the imposter in the game Among Us? Is there a trick that allows me to be imposter?

    Among Us works as a role-playing game with fairly simple graphics. In each game it is possible to become a crew member and discover who the impostors are or be part of the impostors and sabotage the ship.

    The role of imposter is chosen randomly at the time of starting a new game, so it is very unlikely to be able to force the role of impostor to always be so. The game is designed to randomly choose an imposter, but not allow it to be repeated for more than 3 games in a row.

    So it is not possible to become the imposter always in each of the games, unless you have high computer knowledge that allows you to hack the interface of Among Us.

    Tricks to always be the Imposter in Among Us

    Even though it’s not possible to always be the imposter in every game of Among Us, there are a few tricks that can work for you to always be the Imposter in this entertaining role-playing game.

    The first step to implementing the trick and always be the imposter in Among is to enter the game. Once inside, after starting a game, you must go to the computer or laptop of the game that you will see it named as “Task Tester 2000”.

    In the settings section you will find a variety of costumes (only those that have not been chosen). The imposter folder is in red, you just have to click on it for Among Us to tell you that you are the imposter.

    Tricks to always win as Impostor

    Now that you know how to always be the Imposter in Among Us, there are a number of tricks you can implement to win and become the best Imposter, some of them are:

    • Be careful with cameras. Every time you enter a room, you can see if it has cameras, in case you perform a murder the crew will be able to notice it.
    • Send messages constantly. At every emergency meeting over the death of a crew member, actively send messages to distract suspicions from you.
    • Pretend you’re new. One of the best ways to win safely is to pretend you don’t know how to play or know about the game. This way the crew will not suspect you.
    • Keep moving. Staying in one place and waiting for the victims to come to you is pretty obvious and ineffective enough to win.

    How to be an imposter in Among Us?

    For this it is simply preferable to be the creator of the room. Believe it or not, this allows you to restart the game until you are the imposter. And although this is a draw in this way you can control the players and their roles in the game.

    Although this game was created in 2018, it was just in 2020 when it began to take popularity in the market. And although there are rumors that they released a second part of the game definitely the impostors do not disappear because they have become the favorites of the public.

    How can I increase the chances of being an imposter in Among Us?

    One of the tricks to increase the probability of being the imposter constantly is at the time of starting the game, select free mode. After this we select The Skeld. Starting this game mode you proceed to direct you to the computer which is usually not on the usual map. This is located on one of the tables, right on the edge on the left side of the screen.

    There you will select the Custome option and you will be shown a series of available folders. Just click on the one that says Be_Impostor.exe. You will automatically be the imposter, then you must exit the game so that the trick continues to work and enter online mode.

    Always win as an imposter in Among Us

    One of the most useful strategies is to ally yourself with your partner, look for him and get to know him.

    In addition to this constantly pretend that you are performing the tasks this will camouflage you and help you win more often. Always try to persuade the rest of the players, so that they never think that you really are the imposter.


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