Fortnite is a game where building plays a very important role through which you can achieve height and protection. This will put you in a better position to both defend yourself and attack your enemies.

How to build faster in Fortnite

Building fast will give you a few precious seconds that can mean being between life and death in a match. For this reason, building fast is a crucial part of being a good player. If you’re wondering how to build faster in Fortnite just follow the below tips that will increase the precision and speed with which you build, so take note of everything that we will say next.

Adjust your DPI or Sensitivity

A crucial part of building is knowing how to place each piece in the right place. For this, it’s necessary to have full control of the sensitivity of your mouse. You can lower the sensitivity, but keep in mind that this will affect your aim to shoot. Once you achieve a balance, you must practice many hours and increase the IPR as you improve.

Practice by building

You can try to practice the way you build in creative mode. You should try to build without stopping, but without getting stuck at any time, since the goal is for you to be able to build structures while keeping your character moving. Doing these will improve your aim and it will be much more difficult for enemies to hit your character.

Create your own building patterns

It is very important to practice your building patterns because if you can master them, you will build much faster. This is ideal because if an enemy surprises you, your defense will be almost instantaneous, and with practice, it will become a reflex. You must practice and change until you find a pattern that gives you good results.


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