The new PlayStation has a lot of new and refreshed features. Given this context, we will tell you how to clean the PS5 news feed as simple as we can.

When you turn on the console for the first time and do the initial setup, you may feel lost in the new interface. There is an “Official News” section where are listed the latest announcements, release dates, game updates and much more. All this information appears because PS5 is permanently connected to the Internet. If this list does not appear when you press the PS button on the DualSense controller, you may have to connect PS5 to your WiFi network.

How to clean the PS5 news feed

In that case, you can change the news feed to show other information. By default PlayStation 5 follows a series of games related to your user account, so you have to stop following the games that appear in this news section. There are 3 different ways to do this:

  • From the Official News feed:
  1. Press the PS button on the controller to enter the [Official News] .
  2. Click on any item in the feed.
  3. Select the […] menu at the bottom.
  4. Stop following any game.
How to clean the PS5 news feed
You can follow or unfollow the games you want on PS5.
  • From the game board:

When you start the console, the first thing you can see is the initial screen where the latest games are located, the PlayStation Store and other functions such as the Library. The thing is that it only allows to display 8 icons. Therefore, the access is quite limited to what you can see on the screen at that moment and consists of 2 steps.

  1. Highlight the game board and enter the […] button .
  2. Select [Unfollow] .
  • From the PlayStation Store:

So how can you unfollow all the games at once? Unfortunately, there is no automatic option to do this at the same time. The most complete way to do it is to enter the library where all the games you have installed on PS5 appear and do it manually.

  1. Enter the [Library].
  2. Select any game and it will take you to its PlayStation Store page.
  3. Click the […] button next to [Play].
  4. Select the [Stop Following] option.

When you do this with the games you want, related news will no longer appear in the current section. You can do the same process to start following games and thus you will receive information about them.


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