The cuteness of Among Us’s little astronauts has made them a favorite among fans, and one character in particular has captured the hearts of many: Eevee. This lovable little creature from the Pokémon franchise has made its way into the world of Among Us, and in this article, we will show you how to draw your very own Eevee in Among Us.

    Drawing Eevee’s head

    To begin, let’s start with Eevee’s head. Eevee has a round head with large, floppy ears and big, expressive eyes. To draw Eevee’s head, follow these steps:

    • Start by drawing a circle for the head.
    • Add two smaller circles inside the larger circle for the eyes.
    • Draw two oval shapes on either side of the head for the ears.
    • Add details like the nose, mouth, and whiskers to complete the head.

    Adding Eevee’s body

    Next, let’s move on to Eevee’s body. Eevee has a small, round body with a fluffy tail and four little legs. To draw Eevee’s body, follow these steps:

    Draw a small circle beneath the head for the body.

    Add four small circles for the legs, making sure to position them so that Eevee looks like it’s standing on all fours.

    Draw a curved line behind the body for the tail.

    Add details like fur and paws to complete the body.

    Finishing touches

    Finally, let’s give Eevee some color. Eevee is typically a brownish-orange color with cream-colored fur on its belly and tail. To add color to your Eevee drawing, follow these steps:

    • Use a brownish-orange color to fill in Eevee’s body, ears, and head.
    • Use a cream-colored color to fill in the belly and tail.

    Add details like shading and highlights to give your Eevee drawing more depth and dimension.


    With these simple steps, you now know how to draw Eevee in Among Us. Whether you’re a seasoned artist or a beginner, you can easily create your own cute and cuddly Eevee to add to your collection of Among Us characters.


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