Without a doubt, one of the things that surprise us the most about Brawl Stars is its constant updates, in which improvements are made to the game in general. But in addition to this, many times new characters are included, and it is precisely the characters and their abilities that make this game one of the best.

However, to obtain these characters it is necessary to unlock them, that is why today we will talk about how to get El Primo. Since it is one of the best known by many of us.

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Discover How to get El Primo in Brawl Stars

Obviously, this character is one of the most beloved, since he has great skills with his fists, he is capable of hitting any opponent and causing a lot of damage. Although he’s a close-range brawler, his impact is impressive.

On the other hand, you should know that in Brawl Stars we can unlock some characters like Nita, Bull, among others, by collecting trophies. But in the case of El Primo, it is obtained through the boxes or you can buy it in special offers made by the store since it is a special character.

If in your case, you want to buy it through the store, you should know that you will need gems and these can be obtained with the brawl pass. But if, on the other hand, you prefer to do it with brawl boxes, you must get them.

Finally, we must mention that one of the special characteristics of this brawler is its ultimate ability since as soon as it jumps, at the moment of impact it ignites the ground and of course, it is capable of burning its enemies that are nearby, for 4 seconds.


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