Here’s how to get free diamonds in Free Fire, the free battle royale video game that triumphs on iOS and Android mobiles. It is a good free to play title, although within the game we find paid items, that can be got with diamonds, the premium currency of Free Fire. That’s why, and thanks to our tutorial, we’ll show you how to get free diamonds, as well as alternative ways to get them and why they’re such a precious element for Free Fire players.

Free Fire: How to get free diamonds

As we said, diamonds represent Free Fire’s most valuable resource and is the premium currency feature of purchasing items from the in-game store itself, as well as accessing exclusive Battle Pass rewards, acquiring skins, additional abilities, and more. And even though diamonds are paid, there are other completely legal and legitimate ways to get them for free.

Free Fire Diamond Prices

  • 100 diamonds: 1.09 euros
  • 310 diamonds: 3.49 euros
  • 520 diamonds: 5.49 euros
  • 1,060 diamonds: 10.99 euros
  • 2,180 diamonds: 21.99 euros
  • 5,600 diamonds: 54.99 euros

Best methods to get free diamonds in Free Fire

  • Fulfilling missions – If you access diamond missions as rewards, you can get a certain number for completing them. These are diamond packs missions as a prize, although not all quests have such packs as rewards. We must look for such missions in the quest menu.
  • Redeeming – We can obtain diamond codes from Free Fire to redeem on the official website of Garena Free Fire. However, we must ensure that these are legal and secure codes; these are valid 12-digit codes to add to our Garena Free Fire account.
  • Winning prizes at Gamehag – Gamehag is a website through which you can get so-called Soul Gems after fulfilling different tasks, such as playing certain games. By obtaining such gems we can redeem them for money associated with our Google Account; this way you can buy diamonds in Free Fire.

Thanks to these methods you will be able to get free diamonds to invest in different premium Free Fire items and without spending a penny.


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