Here’s how to get Robux for free on Roblox, the popular video game for PC, Xbox One, iOS, and Android mobiles. Roblox is becoming a phenomenon among the gamer community thanks to its endless possibilities of rooms and levels created by players and shared for free with the community. If you want to start playing Roblox you just need your computer or mobile (in addition to Xbox One) and an internet connection, since it is free to play. However, the title also offers paid items with Robux, the premium currency that can be obtained by playing or buying with micropayments; therefore, we offer you the best tricks to get free Rubox easy and fast on Roblox without spending a penny.

    How to get Robux for free

    Before sticking with the best tricks to get Robux for free, you should know that there is no official method to get free in-game coins beyond real money purchases. Therefore, it distrusts websites that ask you for information or personal data in exchange for Robux for free; are fraudulent pages that only want to get your personal data through malware or viruses. That said, let’s look at the best methods to get Robux for free legally.

    Share Roblox links

    The first and easiest method to get Robux for free on Roblox is through the affiliate program. To do this, simply share your Roblox link on your social networks, as well as invite your friends to join Roblox through that link and promote any in-game store product. So you can claim your reward and accumulate Robux little by little.

    Create your game rooms

    Another very fast and convenient method to win Robux for free is to create your own in-game games. To do this, you must subscribe to Roblox Premium and activate one of the special subscriber plans. Once you’ve created your Roblox worlds or levels, you can now charge other players entry so they can access your creations in exchange for Robux.

    Put Game Access up for sale

    Related to the previous point, Game Access is an access ticket to your created maps or levels. If you create a particularly bright and eye-catching level, you can promote it to attract more players and charge for their access or entry. Thus, you can mark prices between 25 and 1,000 Robux per ticket; If you’re a Premium member you’ll get 70% of the benefits while if you’re a standard player you’ll only get 10%.

    Put clothes and accessories up for sale

    Another option for Roblox Premium subscribers is the possibility to create your own clothes and accessories to customize your characters, creations that you can put up for sale through the official store of the game. You can put the price on Robux you consider yourself and increase your revenue with each new sale.

    Put Game Pass up for sale

    Game Passes are special tickets that provide special skills to players who purchase them on specific maps. Thus, by purchasing game passes you will be able to increase character stats such as speed, endurance, strength, and more. As with clothing and accessories, you can create your own Game Passes on your maps or levels and put the price you consider; If you’re a Premium member you’ll get 70% of the benefits, while standard players will only get 10%.

    With third-party apps

    Another option to get free Robux is through mobile apps designed to make a profit through daily tasks or activities. These are “unofficial” apps that pose no risk at the malware level and offer us tasks such as watching short videos, answering surveys, installing apps, playing minigames, and more.

    Once the tasks you consider or that have generated enough financial benefit have been completed, you can claim the winnings through your PayPal account, money that you can use directly on Roblox through the in-game menu itself. Here are some of the most recommended apps for this type of activity:

    • AppKarma
    • Cash For Apps
    • ClipClaps
    • Google Opinion Rewards

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