Hitman 3 includes a secret ending that fans of the franchise will especially like, but chances are that you missed it in your first game. In this guide we will explain how to get it.

Even if you’ve already managed to see the end of Hitman 3, there are many other things to do in the game. The levels are full of shortcuts, secrets and side routes to kill your targets, and it’s worth exploring thoroughly.

In addition, there is a secret ending, and it is one that will please the oldest fans of the saga… although it’s very likely that in your first game you haven’t figured it out. Of course, from now on there are spoilers: keep reading only if you’ve finished the Hitman 3 story.

What does the secret ending of Hitman 3 mean?

At the end of Hitman 3, after touring the train that runs through the Carpathians, you meet Arthur Edwards, the head of Providence. We are offered several ways to kill him, or even, and perhaps the one of the most people choose, inject the serum into him to lose his memory, in an act of divine justice.

To achieve the secret end, this moment is the key. You don’t have to do anything different during the mission. You just take the syringe… and you wait a minute with her in your hand. Edwards will ask you if you’re having doubts… and convince you to inject the serum yourself.

After losing consciousness, Agent 47, having lost his memory, will be deranged in a cell very similar to the cell in which Hitman’s first game began, more than 20 years ago. Even Edwards says the same phrase as in the past: “Start a new day and you have things to do.”


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