One Piece is more than just a pirate adventure. The manga written and illustrated by Eiichiro Oda was born more than two decades ago and remains in top form. Barely a month ago it reached 1000 chapters, an unsurpassed figure for other publications, and keeps the interest of all fans who know that the ending is getting closer and closer. Luffy is a young man who wants to find the One Piece and thus become the King of Pirates. Will he make it? That’s the million-dollar question everyone asks, but you can still read One Piece manga online from the beginning.

    It is true that the number of chapters can be resized, but the volumes of the manga can be read at a good pace. Currently, the collection focuses on 96 volumes that you can read in physical format. However, there is a cheaper option to follow Luffy’s adventures from the time he departed in East Blue until his arrival in Wano Country, the most striking bow ever made. Along the way they’ve come across some of One Piece’s best pirate gangs, so we’re sure you’ll be surprised.

    There are few digital manga platforms as Manga Plus. This app has an immense catalog of free series as popular as My Hero Academy, Bleach, or Black Clover. They are translated into Spanish and can be viewed from any mobile device. So it has become the best online option to read the latest manga issues from Shueisha, the publisher responsible for many publications. However, you need to know that the app does not contain all chapters of One Piece.

    How to read One Piece manga online

    However, they also made a re-editing of the original manga which is also available in Manga Plus. There you can find previous numbers that are currently being reissued. The last chapters always have an expiration date until the next release and disappear from the application. Manga Plus guarantees you the premiere almost simultaneously with Japan, so you won’t have to wait days to see what’s new.

    All you need is to download and install the iOS or Android app. If you prefer you can also read one Piece manga from the Manga Plus website, where you can browse the entire catalog before installing the app. To download the Manga Plus app to your mobile, follow these steps:

    1. Go to Google Play or Apple Store and search for the Manga Plus app.
    2. Select the app from the list.
    3. Hit the [Install] button and the download will begin.

    When the download is complete you will be able to open the application normally and look at the entire catalog of manga that are available. Both current series and the aforementioned My Hero Academy as classic works such as Death Note or Dragon Ball can be read. At another time we tell you how to read the manga of Attack on Titan, as you won’t find it in Manga Plus. This series is triumphing around the world and the end is scheduled for the same year.


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