If you are tired of receiving Free Fire ads, we will show you how to remove ads on Free Fire and stop receiving notifications from advertisers following these simple steps.

After a time we are exhausted from receiving ads notifications daily, so we’ll show you how you can turn them off and stop receiving ads through your Android or iOS mobile phone.

How to remove Ads on Free Fire

When we install the game on our device, it will always ask us if we want to accept notifications and ads from the game. Many, if not most, people still accept it without properly reading the terms and conditions. Now the problem how to remove ads on Free Fire.

The method depends on the mobile phone type, either for a mobile phone running Android or iPhone (iOS) operating system.

What you should do if you have an iPhone mobile phone and you want to disable notifications in Free Fire is to access the settings, then scroll down where all the apps and games are downloaded to the mobile phone, select Free Fire, then deactivate the notifications option. 

This is how it is done from an iPhone, since an Android changes the method a little bit but it remains the same.

If you are using an Android phone and want to get rid of Free Fire ads or notifications, all you have to do is to access your settings. After that, you should go to the apps panel and select the Free Fire game, finally uncheck the box to not show the notifications anymore.

Therefore, Free Fire will no longer display ads and notifications without your permission. If you still have doubts about how to do so leave us a comment and we will help you.


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