Funimation, the leading streaming platform which brings Japanese animation content to the entire world, has now announced the launch of an app for Nintendo Switch.

    It seems that this announcement was made as a celebration, since it was made just on December 15, when World Otaku Day is celebrated. This is nothing more than a tribe that is made up of anime lovers. With this addition, it will now be possible to enjoy your favorite series directly on your Nintendo Switch console.

    We know that Nintendo is a fairly careful company of what type of content is transmitted on its platforms; Since the company was founded, some of the titles or video games have even had to undergo modifications in order not to have Nintendo’s veto. This was very popular during the 90s, when some violent video games that showed blood, had to remove this aspect from their content.

    How many video streaming apps does Nintendo Switch have?

    In the United States, Nintendo Switch console users could also access Hulu, another popular on-demand content platform. The portability of Switch makes it a perfect alternative to enjoy the content of this type, as Nintendo has made no effort to include more platforms such as Prime Video from Amazon, or Netflix.

    But this is a trend that Nintendo has always followed; Let’s remember that, while on PlayStation we have been able to enjoy some content not related to video games, such as DVD or Blu-Ray playback, Nintendo was never able to make this possible on its Wii or Wii U versions. Perhaps not to divert the attention to what really matters to you: video games.

    Funimation has been the number one distributor in terms of this type of content in the United States; we refer, of course, to OVAS, anime, and some films belonging to this genre originating in Japan. But Funimation is now also available in Canada, the UK, Ireland, with the promise of reaching other countries in the future.

    How to watch anime on Nintendo Switch console

    Being a recent announcement, Nintendo’s eshop still doesn’t add the Funimation app; nor has it done so with the video game Among Us, which was also part of the announcement of the new titles that would reach Nintendo Switch; However, we are convinced that it will be a matter of time before it is published in the store library.

    Funimation took the opportunity to present a redesign of its app, which features some interesting modifications such as the addition of a section called “My Anime”, as well as the integration of a calendar that will serve users to be aware of the arrival of the latest episodes of the most favorite series.

    In this way, Funimation will become dedicated to the distribution of anime, remaining as the only specialized platform of this service; Let’s remember that Crunchyroll has been bought by Sony, which owns Funimation. With this, the library of both platforms will most likely be merged to make only one of biblical dimensions.


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