If you have heard about One UI 2.5 so far, today we have news about EMUI 11. The custom interface applied over Android 11 will arrive in the 3rd quarter, as we found out, but today we also discovered some news for this software release. We find out that the new custom UI will be based on Distributed Technology.

    Dr. Wang Chenglu, chairman of Huawei’s software department, already pointed out in a teaser in early July that Emotion UI 11 will focus on collaborative work between users. It’s about multi-screen functionality and collaboration between phone, tablet, and laptop. Huawei will also develop Distributed Technology, a technology that allows you to make HD video calls on multiple terminals. What does this mean?

    That you can continue the audio conversation on smart speakers in the house, but also video conversations on TV + many other smart devices. There are also built-in terminals in the car and the source even mentions a real-time video feed from a drone sent to family and friends on tablets, phones, TV, other gadgets.

    At work, a phone and a computer will be able to share screens, and data will be transferred via drag and drop. All these elements bring to mind the paradigm of working from home in the future and the interconnection of people hundreds of miles away in the context of a pandemic. The new EMUI will be unveiled at the Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (HDC 2020), which is expected to take place in August or September.


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