Those who follow me know all too well that they cover a very wide variety of japanese releases.

    Therefore, in this article we will discuss Omega Labyrinth, a very interesting game with impressive 3D graphics, launched by Vita by D3 Publisher (Natsuiro High School, Bullet Girls). So, from the beginning I will tell you the conclusion. Omega Labyrinth is a giant nonsense, no matter how much it wants to impress.

    The game has a somewhat interesting story but the characters seem to speak for the sake of talking and nothing else. The game rarely conveys anything important and offers nothing impressive compared to what exists on the market. The only interaction the player has is to skip the discussions and that’s it.

    There are 5 main characters, but the voice acting is mediocre with a very poor performance. This only influences, even more, the fact that it is a weak game that, in addition to the ones mentioned above, also has a complicated and useless mechanics.

    At its core, Omega Labyrinth is a very basic roguelike. You can buy some items at a shop menu, but once you enter the dungeon, you have to get to a certain level in order to “clear” it, and get more story. Enemies will move with each step you take along the grid. You can take a single partner character with you into dungeons, and they’ll attack enemies automatically depending on their positioning.


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