Instagram is preparing to welcome Reels (tested at the end of last year in Brazil) in the United States and 50 other countries. It seems that the social-focused on the short videos platform is ready to integrate the functionality already from the month of August, at least in the USA, and then bring it also to Europe.

For the uninitiated, Reels is the Instagram answer to TikTok, an application that has spread among young people and is putting the success of the Facebook subsidiary rather at risk.

Instagram Reels is coming in the next few weeks

Unlike TikTok, which is an independent app, Reels will be an extension of Instagram, which means that users will be able to access it directly from the navigation menu. The premises, however, remain the same: to give people the opportunity to record clips of 15 seconds and share them with others. You can add your own audio to the videos or you can select a song from a licensed catalog. In addition, users will be able to capture audio from other videos and insert it into their own, making fun and viral clips.

Instagram is likely to make a big move, a real counter-move to overcome the threat of TikTok: President Trump, in fact, would like to ban the Chinese app in the USA and an appearance of Reels in a such a moment would seem more than a coincidence. In this way, in fact, the social media focused on photos could outperform China’s competition on the American territory (the app has raised some doubts about user safety).


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