Apple’s main manufacturer has begun assembling iPhone 11 units in a unit near Chennai, India. It is the first time that Apple has manufactured one of the top iPhones in this country, according to TechCrunch.

Apple has made iPhone models in India in the past, but they were budget ones. The company has been considering moving some of the production of its more expensive models to the country for some time. A very good example of an iPhone made in India is the SE model, one of the best-selling Apple phones.

India currently holds the second-largest smartphone market in the world after China. Apple intends to expand production in India, and through this move, the company let slowly China back. Most iPhones are currently manufactured here. While Apple occupies the premium smartphone market in India, its market share represents 1% of the total phones sold in this country.

By selling locally made devices, Apple could avoid a 20% import tax that India imposes on foreign-made electronics. It is unclear whether the devices will be manufactured for sale only in India or worldwide. One thing is for sure: Apple wants to get rid of China easily.


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