Finally, previously Kingdom Chapter 662, the endless war between the Kingdoms has ended. Now, Juukou offers his head in front of Moubusi and Tou asking them to execute him. Meanwhile, it seems that Man-U and Sentou escaped death, nevertheless, Man-U managed to leave a message to Moubu where he is saying that they will meet sometime in the future and that things will not remain how they are. Therefore, Tou talked to Juukou and told him he should not think this way because all they need is to find out all the necessary information related to the upcoming battle.

Meanwhile, after suffering a defeat from the Qin and Wei army, Man-U tries to bring down Juuko with all his strength. However, Man-U realizes that it is beyond his power to do this so he has changed his destination to the capital of CHU. Yoku went to Rei to tell him that the fight was awful. Rei has the same opinion, telling him to calm down. At the same time, at the Royal Capital is reported that Juuko has been successfully defeated.

Considering this, the current chapter was a very interesting and entertaining one. So, we have some very high expectations for Kingdom 662. In this way, let’s discuss some details about it, such as release date, raw scans, and spoilers.

Kingdom Chapter 662 Release Date

The date of Kingdom Chapter 662 launch is Sunday, November 29, 2020. As usual, a new chapter appears every week on Saturday or Sunday if for some reason there are unforeseen delays. For example, the last chapter was delayed, so the same thing could happen with the next one. The problem is that the English translation is not official, is made by the fans, so there is a difference of a few days from the release date in Korean and English. Therefore, we recommend you read in the meantime Boruto Chapter 52 or Solo Leveling Chapter 128.

Kingdom Chapter 662 Raw Scans

When we talk about Kingdom Chapter 662 Raw Scans we need to know that they are available to be read much earlier than the English ones. Due to the fact that officially the 662 chapter isn’t translated in English, it appears earlier, namely on November 23, 2020, in Korean language, every time when a new issue of Weekly Young Jump appears.

Read Kingdom Chapter 662 Spoilers

At the moment of writing this article, there are no spoilers. We need to wait until November 24, 2020, when people will finish reading Kingdom Chapter 662. In this way, fans will then discuss what’s most probably to happen in Kingdom 663. Until then, we recommend you to check again this page because we will update it accordingly.


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