There is nothing new in the fact that manufacturers are following the new trend of smartphones with dual screens. However, LG also seems to have an interest but a more particular and interesting one, because it does not treat these types of gadgets in a conventional way. The company promises to come up with an innovative design, which you can see below in this article.

We don’t know much about the LG Wing at this time, other than the possibility that it will be launched in October of this year at the earliest (or later, but we will update the article as soon as we receive other new information). It is currently speculated that the device will be equipped with a Snapdragon 765 or 765G SoC. In fact, SlashGear recently posted a video that shows us how the two screens of the phone work and how useful they can be.

As we can see, the idea generated by this concept is that any user benefits from a mobile phone that has two separate rotating screens, running applications individually. This example shows how this technology is implemented in an ordinary case, in the car, where the main screen is used as a GPS navigator and the second one to control music and possible incoming calls.

Sometimes, a simple video may not be enough to arouse people’s desire to buy such a phone. Both the software and the hardware must be compatible with each other, even the applications. However, given that this type of phone has been appearing lately, the manufacturers have tried to come up with more than all sorts of advantages according to how they wanted to implement this type of design (e.g. Galaxy Flip, LG G8X, and so on). Even so, the developers have understood that this trend is somewhat imminent and is working to provide much better support and compatibility for the technology, which, for the moment, does not seem to have much interest from fans.


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