Here’s how to link Twitch to Amazon Prime to download free games. This is one of the advantages of Amazon Prime subscription beyond enjoying free shipping for most products they sell in the Amazon online store and enjoying the Amazon Prime Video streaming service for free, we can also take advantage of Twitch Prime (also known as Prime Gaming) to download several free games each month, as well as bonuses for many other video games. Don’t miss our tutorial on how to link your Twitch account to your Amazon Prime account.

    How to link Twitch to Amazon Prime

    What is Twitch Prime?

    Twitch Prime, like many other subscription services, offers a number of benefits to its subscribers, as well as offering the ability to support your favorite content creators or streamers. Thus, if you follow a particular channel or streamer, with your Twitch Prime subscription you can subscribe to its channel through Twitch Prime so that the content creator receives a small monthly financial help. So, we offer you all the details in our tutorial.

    Although beyond providing support for streamers, Twitch Prime subscription makes it possible to download a number of PC games each month for free, similar to other video game subscription services like Xbox Live Gold or PlayStation Plus, in addition to each month’s free Epic Games Store games.

    The benefits of Twitch Prime

    A Twitch Prime subscription offers a number of benefits to its users and we detail below:

    • Subscription to a Twitch channel – If you subscribe to a Twitch channel to support a content creator or streamer with a small monthly financial aid, you’ll receive in return a number of exclusive perks and extras such as live chat privileges, emoticons, emblems, and more.
    • Download free games and more – Every month you will be able to download a selection of video games for PC for free and keep them forever, regardless of whether you are still subscribed to the service or not, as well as other game extras such as add-ons and bonuses.
    • Prime – Your username will appear with a special badge that will identify you as a Prime subscriber.
    • Exclusive emoticons – You can use a number of exclusive emoticons for Twitch chats.
    • More color options for chat – They can also customize your chat across a wide range of colors.
    • Extra video storage – If you stream live, they’ll be stored in your account for up to 60 days instead of 14.

    How to link your Twitch account to Amazon Prime

    Now that you know all the details and benefits of Twitch Prime, let’s find out how to link a Twitch Prime account to Amazon Prime. Follow these steps:

    • Go to the Twitch Prime website and tap the Sign In icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.
    • Sign in with your Amazon account, which must already include your Amazon Prime subscription, Amazon’s premium service.
    • Once you’re signed in, you’ll return to the Twitch Prime website with a pop-up window linking both accounts.
    • Tap the blue Link Accounts button to have both accounts merged.

    From now on your Twitch account will become Twitch Prime or Prime Gaming, so you can already enjoy all the advantages described in the previous sections, including the possibility to download the free games for PC each month and much more.


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