Mario Kart Tour is finally receiving a much-awaited feature by fans, almost a year after its initial launch: it is the one that allows you to play with the phone horizontally, a key feature missing when the mobile version of the Mario Kart was published last year.

    Released in September 2019, Mario Kart Tour brought the famous go-kart racing series to smartphones. Unlike the previous iterations on the console, the game controls are simplified: there is no need to press any button to accelerate, in fact, simply touch the screen to use the special objects and slide with your finger to the left or right to steer. Since having the display horizontally could be much more comfortable in racing. Below you can take a look at a short clip that shows how it works.

    After its release, Mario Kart Tour became the most downloaded free game on iPhone in 2019. At launch, the title has indeed disappointed the public’s expectations due to the absence of some key functions that have always made the Mario series fun. For example, a real-time multiplayer mode was missing (which was added in March). Before then it was only possible to compete against CPU controlled opponents, but it still guaranteed a lot of fun for users.

    On the website, you can find a short guide about how to install the game on Android and Apple devices.


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