Microsoft continues to improve support for its products on Chromium. The company recently released the Windows.Gaming.Input API for browsers, which improves browser compatibility with Xbox controllers.

    According to Microsoft Power User, the improvement has already started to arrive in the test versions of Chrome 86. With that, players can perform a more in-depth mapping on Xbox One controllers when playing directly in the browser, such as using the extra triggers present on the controller Elite.

    The new update promises to be a huge improvement for those who play games on streaming platforms. Google Stadia, which is already available in some countries, works directly on Chrome and other browsers made with Chromium, such as Edge and Opera. In the future, Microsoft will also launch xCloud comprehensively, and support for Xbox controllers in browsers may be an indication that the platform will work in browsers.

    It is worth mentioning that Google Chrome already works with controllers thanks to the use of APIs such as Gamepad JavaScript, but the improved support for Xbox controllers should increase the experience of playing in the browser. According to a Google statement, the goal is to make Windows.Gaming.Input active as default on Chromium in the future.

    For now, however, it can only be activated in the Dev or Canary versions of Chrome for Windows 10 through the system of flags. To do this, simply access chrome://flags and activate the Enable.Windows.Gaming.Input option.


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