Microsoft has been one of the stars of 2020 in terms of launches. With its Xbox Series, the company has made huge profits, especially thanks to Xbox Game Pass subscriptions.

    In a post on the Xbox blog, Microsoft announces his plans to introduce cloud gaming on iOS devices and PCs. The iOS feature will be accessible through a mobile web browser since Apple imposes some stinging restrictions that limit the introduction of a dedicated Xbox application.

    With Xbox Game Pass, players can access countless cloud games for a monthly fee, and the benefits of such a subscription will come on other devices. In theory, xCloud only overlaps with the Xbox Game Pass itself so that you have more extensive streaming possibilities.

    For starters, game streaming is only available to those who have an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, meaning the expensive version, which offers you free games every month, incorporates EA Play and Xbox Live Gold.

    In the spring of 2021, Microsoft will begin to expand cloud gaming beyond the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. This time, several regions will be eligible, including Australia, Brazil, Japan, and Mexico. The first platforms targeted are PCs and iOS devices, and the company hopes to surpass its rivals Google Stadia and Amazon Luna.


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