1. Microsoft will launch Surface Duo, a foldable Android smartphone, on September 10. The $1,399 device has two 5.6-inch OLED screens, which make up an 8.1-inch display when aligned. The rest of the features, led by the Snapdragon 855 chipset, are flagship. Only the two batteries, with a total capacity of 3,577mAh, raise questions about autonomy.

2. The US smartphone market fell 5% YoY in Q2, after 31.9 million units were delivered. 47% of these were iPhones, with Apple managing to sell 15 million devices, up 10% from last year. In 2nd place is Samsung, somewhere halfway to Apple, with 7.4 million units delivered.

3. The period when China was the largest manufacturer of iPhones is coming to an end, announces Foxconn, which will share distribution networks between China and the United States, due to trade tensions between the two countries. Foxconn says it will have production ecosystems in regions such as India, Southeast Asia and the Americas, trying to avoid rising US tariffs on Chinese goods.

4. Reels, the TikTok clone recently launched by Instagram, does not have the best reviews. In addition to the lack of editing features in TikTok, the Reels experience is considered complicated and frustrating, and navigation within the application impossible.

5. Facebook and Snap have recently been interested in buying Dubsmash, an application that makes lip-syncing for video. The value of a possible transaction could have nine digits.

6. Microsoft is still patching up Internet Explorer, for which it has just released a high-priority patch. In total, the US company fixed 120 problems with the security package launched this month, including 17 critical vulnerabilities and 2 zero-days, which were already exploited by hackers.

7. Instagram is sued for collecting without consent the biometric data of over 100 million users. It is already the second lawsuit on the same subject in which Facebook is involved this year, after having to pay $ 650 million last month.

8. Tencent’s profit increased 37% YoY in Q2 to $ 4.7 billion, while revenue was $ 16.53 billion, up 29% YoY. The company’s largest division, gaming, grew by 40% YoY after grossing $ 5.5 billion.

9. Lyft revenue fell 61% YoY in Q2 ($ 339 million) amid a 60% reduction in passenger numbers (8.7 million). $ 39.06 was per capita income, down 2% YoY.

10. Google has released a number of tools for developing Android applications on Chrome OS, which should simplify this process to some extent. New tools include a native Android emulator and a site, ChromeOS.dev, with developer resources.


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