While it is true, Among Us title has an incredible gameplay, but also a particularity that makes it even more irresistible. It is a game capable of running practically on any PC or any version of mobile since it is not heavy. However, today we will talk about the minimum requirements to play Among Us on Android and iOS.

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    Requirements to play Among Us on Android and iOS

    We can download this game totally free on mobile phones, with Android or iOS operating systems. The best thing is that it does not demand much, since it is a very light game capable of working correctly in almost any version. However, it is important that you consider each of the requirements that it demands so that you avoid that it does not run correctly or gets stuck.

    If your device is Android you must have a minimum of 70 megabytes and Android 4.4 KitKat. In the case of iOS, 195 megabytes are required and it is necessary to have a version 10 or later. One of the advantages is that for iOS the game does not have advertising, but in the same way you must pay to have skins.

    In the case of Android, the game has advertising, but in the same way, nothing compares with its playability. Therefore, it is currently one of the most downloaded, even surpassing Fall Guys or other multiplayer games.

    One of its advantages is that players can participate as impostors or as part of the crew. In addition, you can sabotage or do tasks (depending on whether you are an impostor or crewmate) that allows you to gain an advantage in the game.


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