Netflix is ​​going through a period of major changes after the lockdown and is trying in every way to thanks its users. After the “satisfied or refunded” promotion and the cancellation of inactive accounts (in order not to unnecessarily pay those who do not actively use the service), there is also the possibility of pausing a subscription to resume it within a maximum time of 10 months. The new function is being tested, but if this trial period gives the hoped-for answer, there will be the definitive roll out. Also, if you are wondering how to pause a Netflix subscription, we will talk about it down in this article.

Netflix has given users the option to cancel a subscription and then basically start it from scratch when they preferred. Now, with this new option, you can pause it and will have the opportunity to restart it, but obviously there will be a maximum time to press “play” again. This is not, among other things, an absolutely new thing, because already when the Netflix video streaming service was born there was the possibility of suspending the subscription for a period between 7 and 90 days.

How to pause a Netflix subscription

Currently, the feature is only available in the testing phase for a small number of subscribers, but there is confidence in the fact that it can be implemented for everyone. If you are wondering how to pause a Netflix subscription, you can do it by going in the settings of the account and press the Pause button. Trough a click, you’ll be redirected to a new page where Netflix underlines how the pausing of the subscription will take effect from the end of the current billing period and to the maximum suspension time that is established in 10 months. If the subscription is not reactivated by this deadline, it will be treated as an inactive, so it will be canceled.

Pause or cancel a Netflix account: what changes?

At this point, a user may wonder what they should do: pause or cancel an account? With the new option, you will not lose profiles, preferences, history, and all the information provided for billing. Those who cancel an account, on the other hand, will have to substantially redo the entire registration procedure from scratch.


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