iOS 14 is “unmasking” several apps that perform background operations without our knowledge (to do the same thing on Android you need to install an application): this time it’s up to Instagram. The new Apple operating system has introduced an on-screen indicator and an entry in the Control Center that signals when an app tries to access the camera and microphone. This is important information since it could be a violation of privacy or even an attempt at espionage.

Does Instagram access the camera without our knowledge?

In fact, there are many applications that, without the user’s knowledge, access the camera and microphone, recording what is happening around without any permission. Thanks to the new function also present in the beta versions of the new iOS, it is, therefore, possible to grasp these apps. The Facebook-owned app, in fact, is reported by iOS 14 for the use of the camera when in reality it should not be active.

The social network reply

The response of the company that belongs to the social network is that it is only a bug and that Instagram does not take photos or acquire videos without the knowledge of users. In essence, this would be a direct consequence of the fact that the camera can be accessed directly from the feed with a swipe to the left. Since the system detects user gestures, it is possible that it translates the swipe as an intention to open the camera and consequently the iOS indicator lights up.

However, the new Apple operating system could provide Instagram as well as other apps as an excuse to correct bugs that perhaps no one had noticed so far. Specifically, we reiterate, this is not a report that identifies a violation of user privacy, but we are sure that Facebook will quickly take action with a fix.


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