Nintendo reportedly asked developers to make their games 4K-ready; all this happens while the company is preparing to launch an updated Switch model ready for the next-gen.

    Nintendo: Switch Pro coming in 2021?

    This is what emerges from a new Bloomberg report; it has been stated by two publications that Nintendo was planning the Switch Pro to be launched in the course of 2021. It will be necessary to know the hardware of the console itself, but it seems that it will have enough computing power to support games in 4K resolution.

    According to what emerged from Bloomberg, the Switch Pro will allow you to take advantage of excellent graphics thanks to NVIDIA’s DLSS AI upscaling techniques, the same ones found on the most recent Shield. DLSS is a technique that uses artificial intelligence to upscale games to higher resolutions with minimal performance degradation.

    Nintendo would have asked its partners to increase the production of the Switch, thus bringing its goal to 30 million units by the end of the year. Previously, it had increased its orders to 25 million but was struggling with the ever-increasing demand for the Switch following the Coronavirus pandemic and the huge success of Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

    According to another report, however, the launch of Switch Pro would be expected in 2021, accompanied by a series of new games, which could – in part – explain the absence of great Nintendo titles in this 2020.

    Even the newspaper Economic Daily News Taipei argued that a new switch model would come out next year;

    Finally, analysts have suggested that the Switch could have a longer life cycle than expected, during which Nintendo speculates to exceed the sales of the Wii, the market champion with over 102.63 million units.


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