As you well know, ZTE’s Nubia brand is focused on the gaming area – with many smartphones of this type. More recently, the company is preparing an expansion and will launch a gaming router.

This will be Wi-Fi 6 and we also can see a first rendering that reveals a square format. The word Wi-Fi 6 appears inscribed on one side of this cube. As can be seen, in each upper corner appear the necessary vents associated with the cooling system.

There are also details revealed by Ni Fei (CEO of Nubia) – this confirming that the new router provides support for speeding up connections during games on Nubia phones. This acceleration refers to higher access speeds, improved network performance.

We find out that the router will have a high-end processor and OFDMA technology that allows simultaneous Wi-Fi 6 connections for multiple devices. This router will also use a mesh network for wide coverage. This will also provide a stronger signal through the walls.

At the same time, we discover that Nubia has sent an unusual invitation associated with July 28 event, in which this router also debuts. The invitation comes in the form of a portable fan that includes a retro gaming console. This alludes to the new Red Magic 5s gaming smartphone that will opt for an active fan cooling system.


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