In the last chapter of One Piece, we learn that war has broken out and Luffy is preparing to face Kaido. At the same time, Sanji confronts King, Brook, and Big Mom are also involved in other fights. We bring you the latest information on this chapter this week. Since Chapter 988 will be released next Sunday, we will focus here on One Piece 989 and the latest news about it.

    Following an attempted escape by the Marines shooting at him and Bege’s ship, Pound found himself in a situation where he was unable to escape. Meanwhile, Jack and some of his subordinates arrive on the rooftop of Onigashima to team up with Kaido. Number 7 is with Kaido and his subordinates. Inuarashi and Nekomushi want revenge on Jack. The bitter struggle is about to begin; all members of the Straw Hat team arrive on the scene one by one and Kaido has his reinforcements as well. We’ll see what happens between Luffy’s team and Kaido’s subordinates in this article. Before continuing, take a look at the timeline below.

    One Piece chapter 989 release date

    The release date of One Piece chapter 989 will take place on Sunday, September 6, 2020. The new chapters of this manga come out every Sunday. One Piece will be taking a weekly hiatus, it will resume on the date mentioned above. We have yet to receive spoilers for the next chapter, but we invite you to check out the updates below.

    One Piece chapter 988 Recap

    The Musketeers told Inurashi and Nekomamushi to forget about Jack and focus on their great threat, Kaido. They decided to take care of Jack. When they accept their plan, the Minks transform into a Sulong form. At the same time, Onigashima Shinobu tries to save Momosuke, and King witnesses his arrest. He throws Shinobu towards the wall. In the chaos between King and Shinobu, Momosuke’s chains break. Momosuke flies away and King manages to stop him and he finds out that it is Sanji who is helping Momosuke. Sanji sends Momosuke to safety as King transforms into Pteranodon and falls with Sanji by knocking down the wall. Luffy is then furious and walks over to Kaido to show him the results of his training.

    Big Mom appears and triggers “Elbaf No Yarii: Ikoku” to attack Luffy. But the Onigashima Wall was destroyed. The samurai of Wano are afraid when they see the power of Big Mom. They wonder how they are going to fight two powerful villains. She uses Zeus and unleashes a thunder that attacks Nami. Suddenly Franky and Brook appear and save their friends. For his part, Brook wields his sword and stabs Zeus, while Franky attacks Big Mom’s face with his “Kurosai” motorcycle. Luffy has been seen to run away from Big Mom because he doesn’t want to be hurt by a Yonko so soon. For her part, Nami will somehow take back Zeus who was forced…


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