OnePlus Nord certainly managed to attract a lot of attention, immediately after the launch of OnePlus 8. The Nord variant was supposed to offer a balance in the market and implicitly to offer the company’s fans a middle option. Somehow positioned between the top and mid-range devices, delivered at a slightly lower price.

    Despite the fact that it has a starting price of less than just €399, OnePlus Nord still manages to offer a pretty great package for the money paid. We have a Snapdragon 765G capable of 5G, up to 12GB of RAM, and a 90HZ screen. All this comes with a good enough room configuration. This made us wonder if the company made sacrifices elsewhere to reduce the cost of production.

    OnePlus Nord cracks in JerryRigEverything’s endurance test

    Zack Nelson, the man behind the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel, needs no introduction. Every time we need a durability test, we will turn our attention directly to it. Although the tests it offers are far from real use, it is still good to know if your phone can survive or not. Well, in its OnePlus Nord durability test, the phone, unfortunately, did not survive. You can watch Zack’s video below.

    This problem is due to the resistance structure of the phone. Instead of opting for a metal structure, OnePlus decided to use a plastic frame with a metal finish on top. Can it be considered a deceptive tactic? Maybe, but the manufacturer had to cut costs somewhere.

    During this durability test, OnePlus Nord ends up bent first, then the frame cracks, and finally the screen gives way; turning the phone into something completely useless. Again, the type of force applied here is very rare. In reality, you will most likely not face this situation.

    The conclusion is this: as long as OnePlus Nord lasts daily and you don’t wake up with it bent in your pocket, this kind of structural compromise can be made, as long as you receive better specifications instead, the compromise is justified.


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