OPPO has just announced the imminent arrival of ColorOS 11 based on Android 11 available for several devices by the end of the month. It is one of the very first manufacturers customized UI using the latest version of Android on their devices. The first beta is coming very soon!

    The update to ColorOS 11 is coming to the Find X2 series, Reno3, and the F17 Pro in beta already at the end of the month. In particular, OPPO is already working to bring back the excellent ColorOS experience also on Android 11.

    The company said it listened to the needs of users by making changes possible only thanks to the feedback collected over the months.

    ColorOS 11 brings a new multi-window mode called Flex drop which also allows you to more easily control all your connected devices.

    It also improves the energy-saving mode, now fully customizable also with regard to specific apps. The update also introduces the Battery Guard mode: this will allow you to intelligently take advantage of any night charges bringing the smartphone to a maximum 80% battery for better conservation.

    Thanks to UI First 2.0, OPPO smartphones also improve in the management of screens with high frame rates. This solution improves RAM utilization, screen response rate, and frame rate in all those conditions where performance drops were noticed.

    ColorOS 11 also improves privacy by introducing all the new features seen on Android 11 but not only. Thanks to Private System, the user will have full control of their data also for what concerns the data backup and will give the possibility to block access to certain apps thanks to the completely redesigned App Lock feature for this update.

    OPPO promises to launch ColorOS 11 quickly, starting first with all the most experienced users. The first beta of the operating system will be available starting today for the Find X2 series, Pro variant, and Pro Lamborghini. Then it will arrive on the Reno 3 range by the end of the month.


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