Thanks to Pokémon GO’s CP (combat points) calculator, you can know how much power your Pokémon will have after each evolution so you can plan your next battles, raids, or PvP leagues as well. To do this, you only need to access the Pokémon GO CP calculator through this link and enter the name of the Pokémon creature and its current combat points (CPs) for the tool to calculate the result. Below we offer you all the info you need about how to use the Pokémon GO CP calculator on iOS and Android devices.

How Pokémon GO CP Calculator Works

The Pokémon GO CP Calculator is a very useful tool to know how many combat points a given Pokémon will have after evolving it from the CP it has before its evolution. Combat points are one of the most important aspects when it comes to taking on other trainers and their Pokémon.

Thus, if we make good use of the Pokémon GO CP calculator, we will be able to know exactly the combat points of any Pokémon after its evolution, including fifth generation ones, to better plan the evolutions of our Pokémon than ever before. Although CP is often duplicated with each evolution, they never do so in exact numbers, making the CP calculator especially useful in this very specific cases.

Which of our Pokémon can get enhanced and evolved?

The most common Pokémon GO players will store multiple Pokémon of the same type through their adventures, even capturing dozens of creatures of the same type in order to earn more candies and experience points. But what Pokémon do we have to stay with to enhance it and evolve it against the rest of the same type?

Each Pokémon creature is unique and different from the rest although the game itself offers a tool to rate each one separately, informing us if a creature is strong or weak. On the other hand, it is almost obligatory to know the attacks of each creature and if they really are useful to us on our team; therefore, we recommend that you should know all these details to keep a particular Pokémon that is more effective in combat.


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